so­lu­tions for the bak­ery iN­dus­try

We are the right partner for you to develop fruit and brown flavor preparations for bakery fillings. They can be applied before or after baking in a broad range of bakery products such as biscuits, cereal bars, cakes, dessert mixes and frozen baked goods.


Prod­uct port­fo­lio for bak­ery

We are specialized in the customized development of various products for the bakery industry. By offering a broad range of fruit and brown flavor fillings, we can help you to boost the taste and texture of your bakery products.

Fruit preparations

Our product offering for fruit preparations in bakery applications includes:

  • Fruit preparations for filling after baking: Products can be with our without pieces. The size of the pieces varies from 3x3mm up to 15x15mm - also whole berries are possible as interlayer.
  • Fruit preparations with inclusions: The addition of inclusions to fruit preparations for bakery products is also possible.

Brown Flavor

We offer a range of brown flavor preparations to be applied in bakery products after baking.

ap­pli­ca­tion in bak­ery

Our products for the bakery industry can be applied in different kind of products including ambient and frozen ones before or after baking.

We are specialized in the custom development of various products for the bakery industry including:

  • Ambient stored & dry products: filled biscuits, filled coextruded biscuits, sandwich biscuits, cereal bars

  • Ambient stored & medium dry products: sponge cakes, soft cakes, pastries

  • Frozen stored products: frozen desserts, frozen tarts, frozen pastries

There are several application possiblities of our preparations in bakery products:

Filling after baking:

  • Fruit preparations with pieces: Those are suitable for layers in confectionery or bakery products. The size of the pieces can vary from 3x3mm to 15x15mm, also whole berries are possible.
  • Fruit preparations without pieces: These preparations are used for fillings of ready-baked products. Preparations with inclusions are also possible. Applications include croissants, viennoiserie, swiss roll, pancakes, sponge cakes or pies.
  • Brown flavor preparations

so­lu­tions for other mar­ket seg­ments

Besides solutions for the bakery industry we also offer customized products for the following market segments: