AGRANA in South Africa

About us

We currently operate one fruit processing plant in South Africa, where we transform premium ingredients into top quality fruit preparations, syrups and compounds. Our production plant is located in Johannesburg in close proximity to customers in order to be able to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

AGRANA Fruit South Africa

Our Production site


Our production site is located in City Deep, Johannesburg.


Innovation, Quality, and Superior Customer Service makes AGRANA an essential first choice for a strategic supplier. Customized development and industry leading response time allows your company to be the first to market with a new concept or idea.

Our core expertise in fruit and fruit technology has earned us a position as international market leader. AGRANA Fruit offers the best of both worlds - combining local market knowledge with international expertise.

With locations and relationships around the world, AGRANA fruit can provide your company with a reliable and consistent supply of high quality product.

AGRANA Fruit... investing in the future, so our customers can share in the benefits, for years to come.



AGRANA Fruit South Africa closes its plant in Cape Town, keeping a warehouse on site for local customers.


AGRANA Fruit South Africa opens a second plant in Johannesburg.


  • AGRANA is 100% shareholder of the former ATYS Group.
  • AGRANA merges all its Fruit preparation activities into AGRANA Fruit preparation Division.
  • ATYS South Africa becomes AGRANA Fruit South Africa.


Takeover agreements signed by BCP, in which management will be progressively turned over to AGRANA, a leading Austrian food company.


Many important changes are made to the corporate structure:

  • SIAS MPA Holding is acquired through a L.B.O. (Leverage Buy out) by the French Capital Venture Fund: BUTLER CAPITAL PARTNERS (BCP).
  • SIAS MPA changes its name to ATYS and SIAS FLAVO FOODS becomes ATYS South Africa.


Aquisition of Flavo Foods CC by the French Group SIAS MPA.


Establishment as Flavo Foods CC.


AGRANA Fruit South Africa holds the following certifications:

  • FSSC 22000 
  • ISO 9001
  • Halaal
  • Kosher